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Decorate Home For Persian New Year

Traditional Ways To Decorate Your Home For Persian New Year

Nowruz is the Persian New Year, observed by various countries in the Middle East, Central Asia, and the Bahá' religion. This particular celebration, which happens at the onset of spring, marks the beginning of the Bahá' year. It takes place on March 20th this year.

Some people prepare for Nowruz by cleaning their homes from top to bottom and decorating with new flowers. When Nowruz approaches, people dress up and go out to see friends and family, celebrating with prayers, music, dancing, and feasts. People frequently adorn their homes for the new year as well. There are so many traditional ways to buy home decor items online in your home.

What is Nowruz: Persian New Year?

Nowruz means "new day," which is appropriate because it commemorates fresh beginnings. People prepare for Nowruz by fasting for 19 days before the celebration. They go without nourishment from dawn until dusk. People also focus on regular prayers and reflections throughout this time.

On this day, The haftseen table is decorated with seven objects in every home since seven is considered a lucky number. After putting these objects on the table, we have some best ideas if you want to add some decoration to it. Let's have a look at the items you can use to adorn your table.


1. Geometric Circle Hurricane Candle Holder With Leaf Design

Candles are warm and inviting, and they cast the most pleasing light at dinner gatherings. A candle centerpiece, unlike fresh floral arrangements, will last for several meals. To brighten the ambiance and your day, place a gorgeous candle on the table. This piece on your table will represent enlightenment and pleasure. Anara Lifestyle has an attractive Geometric Circle Hurricane Candle Holder with Leaf Design.

This candle holder, polished in gold, elevates your event to the level of a five-star experience. The hurricane holder is made of gold-plated iron for added luster and durability. It can be utilized as a centerpiece on a decorated table at a Persian new year celebration.

2. Oval Glass Bowl With Gold Fish

The majority of people enjoy including a bowl with a goldfish in it because they believe it symbolizes life. You might choose Anara's Oval Glass Bowl with Goldfish for a new look this time. This glass and pewter Goldish decorative bowl adds a touch of vintage charm to your favorite style while remaining subtle and refined.

3. Nordic Vase

How can the table be decorated without an appealing vase filled with lovely flowers? People of all generations and for various occasions like appealing, fresh foliage floral arrangements that mix natural materials and moderate tones.

We want to give the idea of adding an excellent Nordic Vase by ANARA for today. This stunning vase, with its gleaming silver finish and beautiful glass construction, is guaranteed to be the focal point of your Persian new year decor. Using this vase with a one-of-a-kind artistic design, you may invigorate your decor with a modern flair.

Bottom Line

We hope you get inspiration and have fun with these annual Persian New Year decoration ideas. You may organize a spectacular event now that you have all the inspiration you need to decorate for the New Year's dinner. Check out ANARA Lifestyle decor items for more amazing decoration pieces; you will undoubtedly love them all.. We wish you and your family all the best in the future.

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