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Halloween home décor

Halloween home décor

We just entered the month of October, which means that it is time for Spooky Season! Throughout the United States, neighborhoods are competing to put their best Halloween decorations outside. Halloween is a great period to let put your creativity and come up with crazy, strange, and scary decorations that will turn your house into the spookiest mansion ever. Now, 2021 is a year filled with its share of new trends of possibilities. The pandemic is still going throughout the entire world but it is now possible to go outside, allowing people to breathe and release their stress. With the celebration of Halloween coming up, finding ways to decorate your home is a good way to put your stressful work thoughts aside and enjoy your creative side!


The best way to create an eerie atmosphere in your house is definitely to bring out the goth style. In October, being afraid of the dark makes no sense! It is the perfect time to decorate with black plates and black clothes. Looking to put some light in the room? Then, black candles are a perfect choice! However, just putting out all your black housewares is not going to do the trick. Here are two other elements that can add to your Halloween theme.


Ancient artifacts

What's says more spooky season than ancient artifacts? Carved stones, fake tombs, old sarcophagus, or old books on a shelf, anything can look scary and create a strange atmosphere as long as the lights are on pair with them.  These artifacts can either be bought (online or in a store) and even handcrafted if you feel like it. There is plenty of tutorials you create your own spooky artifacts that will make your house scary!

Natural elements

Halloween takes place in the Fall, which means that they are a lot of things that you can get directly from your garden without cutting a tree or removing a plant.  Natural elements are a must to add to your interior decoration! Whether it's orange leaves, curvy raw wood branches, or pumpkins of different sizes, as long as you arrange them in a specific way, your interior will give an eerie vibe perfect for Halloween. Don't hesitate to add extra spider webs to add a little spooky touch to the whole set.

Natural elements


Everyone knows that the most important part to decorate for Halloween is the garden. This specific area is the first thing that people will notice about your house. That's where you want the eerie atmosphere to start, like a sort of appetizer before anyone enters your house.


Scarecrows are generally used to discourage birds to come feast on the seeds and crops of a field. Jn the old times, they were made of hay. Nowadays, you can buy them online and get them delivered directly to your house. If you're feeling crafty then you can create your own army of scarecrows and spread them throughout your garden. With them facing the street, people will feel like someone is watching them every time they come by your house!


Yes, pumpkins are stereotypical, some might even say over-rated, but they always do the job! Most of the time, people will think about the traditional cared orange pumpkin. However, did you even co sides other types? Don't hesitate to paint your pumpkin, adding strange designs, or paint them in all black. Combining pumpkins of different colors can add a new touch to your garden and it will make you look more unique. Whether you carved them or not, the choice is yours! The more types there are, the better the effect will be.

With this article, you got a few tips to start the decoration of your home for Halloween. The main word is to be creative! Use orange, black and white colors, creepy-looking branches, or old white clothes, and create the eerie atmosphere that will send a chill down the spine of every person who comes to visit.
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