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Heart Shaped Cookie Cutter

Valentine’s Day for Couples & Singles

Valentine’s Day is a special celebration of love and romance, a day that reminds us we need to celebrate love more often. Not only couples, but even singles can and should celebrate love. We need to understand that loving ourselves first is the initial step to getting to love another person.

Through this blog we would like to give you some suggestions about how to make yourself, your loved ones or your partner happy with some symbolic gifts.

  • Heart Cookie Cutters

If baking makes you happy, this is an item your kitchen shouldn’t miss! It comes in a cardboard book, with a very meaningful quote on it.

The heart shape represents the emotional and spiritual substance of a person, and is believed to be the core of one's humanity.

  • Dino Love Flower Pots

Cute Flower Pots

If you are in a relationship, this is the cutest gift you can give to your Valentine. Those dinos speak the language of love.

  • Artisan Give Me a Hug Planter

Artisanal Pots

If you love flowers, this is the perfect gift you can make to yourself or to someone you love. It is so cute that you really feel like giving it a hug everytime you see it.

  • Homeopathic and Therapeutic Heart-Shaped Pillow

Heart-Shaped Pillow

This Pillow is one of the most unique gifts you can ever give. What makes it special is that it is filled with sustainable cherry pits. When warmed this pillow delivers moist heat to comfort sore muscles and warm beds. It’s microwavable, freezable and washable! Consider it because hearts aren't just for Valentines, they're for giving to anyone you love, including self-love.

Our suggestions never fail, so take them into consideration this Valentine’s. Have a joyful celebration filled with love and beautiful gifts!

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